Crew service

S.T.T. Agencies B.V. is well experienced in all kinds of crew related services

S.T.T. Agencies B.V. can arrange your crew change within the Netherlands and Belgium against competitive fees and costs. This includes all arrangements for a successful crew change, like:

Other services

We can arrange flight arrangements to any destination for competitive prices.

Visa Info
As per immigration regulations in place as from 1st November 2010 ALL on signing crew are to be in possession of a valid visa for entering Schengen territory. Dutch Embassies and/or Consulate are instructed to issue a visa for a seaman with priority (normally this will take 3 days up to 1 week).

In order to apply for a visa the seaman needs to have his recommendation letter from his manning/crewing agent and/or his contract. It is not required to have an invitation letter from the agents at the port where he will sign on. Also an OTB is no longer required when a seaman has a valid Schengen visa. Further we can only arrange crew changes from Brussel Airport if the crew has a valid Schengen visa or has EU nationality.

Above is explained in this attachment.

Meet & Assist service
With this arrangement we keep monitoring the arrival times of the flight. We meet and assist the crewmembers at the airport. Subsequently all parties will be kept fully updated with our arrangements.