Port agencies

S.T.T. Agencies B.V. your port agent in all Dutch and Belgian ports

We have well astablised contacts and expertise, which will contribute to a good representation of your company and vessel in the port of call. With our wide range of experience, we can handle all kind of vessels, from tankers to cruise vessels. Every type of vessel asks for a different approach. Always @ your service.

Full Port agency

S.T.T. Agencies B.V. provides full port agency services for an efficient and smooth turn around call for all kind of vessels.

Services like

Owner Husbandry Agencies

We believe owners and/or ship managers should have the possibility to nominate dedicated Owners Husbandry Agents against a competitive agency fee. S.T.T. Agencies B.V. can provide this service. When we are appointed as your husbandry agent we are only concentrating to the owners requirements and looking after the owner interests against competitive fees and costs.

Services such as

Sub agencies

Back office tasks to other shipping agencies. Inward –and outward clearance.
All tasks in port which a shipping agent can for fill.
Attending the vessel on request. CTM hand over, delivery packages